The Uprising of Brides



The comedy "The Uprising of Brides" by the talented playwright of Uzbekistan said Ahmad, which has a history of more than forty years, has acquired a modern appearance on the stage of the Turkestan music and Drama Theater. The young director Dauren Sergazin made a new musical comedy for the Kazakh audience, effectively using the common values of the two neighboring states. The comedy" the uprising of brides " covers the life of a family in the city of Turkestan. Mother Fatima keeps her seven sons under one roof, marrying seven daughters. Unable to bear his harshness, the newly minted younger daughter-in-law calls on the Nigora Abyssinians to revolt. Mother Fatima, realizing that the brides of the new age will no longer give in, pulls out each one separately. In addition to the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, the play covers family problems that take place in society.